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The Clova laundry in Wommelgem/Belgium is a well-known and highly respected supplier of healthcare linen and uniforms. Servicing 7,000 beds and 10,000 staff in the Antwerp region calls for an efficient and highly productive laundry. Clova has ever since its start-up relied on JENSEN equipment as well as material handling and automation solutions. The laundry has recently upgraded its production area with a new Futurail system for the soil side, a sorting system for garments from Inwatec consisting of a robot and scanner utilizing AI, and a new Metricon sorting and handling system.


When it comes to the “Express” delivery of parcels, you will find many service providers all around the world. But if you want Express delivery of sheets to the finishing line, there is only one brand - JENSEN. The unique remote feeding system Express incorporating a fast cornerless feeding solution reaches a record high production of more than 600 hospital sheets per hour per operator.


When 140 countries send some of the finest members of their military to one place, you can prepare for something big. This is precisely what is happening in Wuhan, China as the 7th World Military Games take place from October 18 to 27. Such a big event also has big laundry requirements. Wuhan Kunteng Washing Company is the primary linen supplier for the World Military Games, and they rely on JENSEN heavy-duty laundry equipment to fill this very demanding job.


Some Swiss cities are popular travel destinations for tourists hailing from all over the world. Others receive their visitors as the centers of major economic sectors, the pharmaceutical industry or the watch-making industry. Not so with Solothurn: Practically unheard of outside of Switzerland, Solothurn is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. And yet, something extremely unique can be found nestled here at the edge of the Jura mountain range: As the most cutting-edge laundry in Switzerland, the central laundry for Solothurn hospitals is setting a national standard in ecology and industrial safety. 

The new UVClean system (pat. pend.) in JENSEN tunnel washers prevents bacterial growth in double drum sections automatically and without any chemical supply – it is the most natural, most ecological and most efficient way of eliminating germs and bacteria. And what’s more: contrary to chemical methods, bacteria cannot become resistant to UV radiation. Once again, the JENSEN engineering team has come up with a simple, yet innovative way to add value to our customer’s laundries.


Our new Katana folder launched at this year’s Clean Show in New Orleans is working at full speed and full satisfaction in Italy.

Our longstanding customer Chi-ma is impressed about the quality of the machine and is absolutely amazed over the folding quality.

Shaanxi Jinhe is one of the top laundries in Xi’an and even in all of China. Xi’an is an ancient capital of China, and has become a lively modern city as well as one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. Mr Huang Liping 黄立平 and Mrs. Chen Yuying 陈玉英, the talented couple behind this laundry. Their success story is one of a kind, combining smart laundry management with an athlete’s spirit and an artist’s touch!

We are very delighted with the outcome of the show which was probably one of the most exciting in our history. The many innovations that we brought to New Orleans utterly delighted both visitors and trade press.

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