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Our added value for the premiere of the JENSEN Performance Days


When guests check in to Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Center, they have high expectations - even the smallest detail should be of the highest standard. This also applies to the room linen, which should always be supreme and inviting.

On January 1, 2018, the JENSEN-GROUP will acquire a participation of 30% in Inwatec ApS, a Danish company that manufactures high-end heavy-duty laundry products. This investment in laundry robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) confirms the Group’s vision to automate all processes in the laundry.

The global leader in laundry automation organizes a full week exhibition on the island of Mallorca to showcase its latest innovations and present new solutions for data management and material handling.

According to legend, there was no Chinese word for “folder″ when JENSEN sold its first folding machines to Chinese laundries many decades ago. Hence, they were just called “a Jensen″. True or not? We don’t know, but it is true that JENSEN is the top-of-mind supplier of heavy-duty laundry equipment in China. And the success story continues, as the company looks back at a highly successful Texcare Asia show in Shanghai. New perspectives for all sections in the laundry were displayed, and to top it all, the new brand ALPHA by JENSEN was launched at the Shanghai show.

JENSEN’s one-stop shopping approach opens new perspectives on increasing laundry productivity. With the introduction of the new finishing technology, the global player completes the range of services of mat laundries and ensures a seamless process from the sorting station to delivery.


Grenzland laundry in Ahaus, Germany, is a very special type of laundry: It has the declared target to employ persons suffering from severe disabilities, in particular those affected by combinations of conditions, providing them with qualifications, and accompanying them at the workplace. This implies increased levels of attention within the context of safely operating laundry equipment. JENSEN also takes user safety very seriously.

JENSEN’s international sales and marketing team is excited to be in Las Vegas for this year’s Clean Show. At what is probably our largest booth ever – increased by 33% since the last show in Atlanta – the company showcases the latest and greatest in the automation of heavy-duty laundries.




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