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L-TRON Washer/Extractor

The large capacity washer extractor for both automated and stand alone washrooms.


  • Large capacity washer extractor with the option to eliminate manual material handling and automate your laundry processing.
  • The L-Tron's built up rugged frame construction gives the washer extractor the added height to to fit into existing conveyor and rail systems to eliminate the need for extensive plant upgrades.
  • Maintenance is simplified with a self-diagnosing, programmable watch dogs, which can monitor mechanical and electrical functions while washing.


Consistent and Accurate Washing Cycle

  • Eliminate re-tries and re-washes with the L-Tron's intellegent balancing system.
  • The patented system assures proper distribution of the load prior to extraction.
  • Reduces wear and tear on the machine, while increasing machine output.


Options to suit your laundry needs

  • The L-Tron Open Pocket and Auto-Pro options give your plant the flexibility to pick the right washer extractor for your specific needs.
  • The L-Tron Open Pocket has the ability to tilt back to assist in manual loading of the washer.
  • The L-Tron Open Pocket can also be fitted with load assist, which helps the operator easily manually load the basket.
  • The L-Tron Auto-Pro has a patented hopper design which greatly reduces cycle times, by allowing the washer to be loaded without tilting.
  • With either option, the L-Tron will allow a reduction in loading, maintenance and formula run time, adding efficiencies to your plant.

Easy to Maintain

  • The L-Tron Washer Extractor has no clutches, jack shafts or shock absorbers, which makes the machine one of the simplest to maintain.
  • Brackets and braces are included as an additional safety feature for performing regularly schedule maintenance.
  • The design eliminates unwanted tilting or closing of the door while the washer is being maintained.