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JENSEN Tumble Dryer - JTD

The Stand-Alone solution for small to medium volumes. Available in loads of 20, 40, 60 and 110 kg (45, 90, 130 and 250 lbs.)


  • Efficient use of heating
  • More heat transferred to the drying with the specially designed large heat transfer surface
  • Heating with steam, electricity or gas
  • Fully insulated machine with constant two way spin (reversing standard)
  • Mechanical vacuum switch alarms when the lint filter is clogged and the dryer is losing efficiency



  • The drum is made of stainless steel
  • Clamping (roll-over) of inner drum for perfect balance, and no rust.
  • Cataphoretic coating protects the feet having contact with the floor against rust.
  • Galvanized chassis


Ergonomic and safe

  • Easy lint removal with the easy-to-access lint filter; visual control of lint filter possible without opening the filter door
  • Fire suppression sprinkler system on dryers for highest safety
  • Silent remote awareness and user-friendly diagnostics function thanks to smart indicator light allows an instant overview of machine status
  • Silent operation as the drum does not rest on rolls
  • Easy unloading with the tilting device on the JTD 110/250

Service-friendly and space-saving design

  • Easy-access service doors and visible pulley enables preventive maintenance
  • Hinged filter door facilitates access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Bearing house with lubrication ports on all JTD Dryers.
  • Lubrication needs to be done every 3 – 5 years only.
  • Maximum efficiency in tight spaces thanks to compact dimensions and minimum space adjacent placement