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A&M Blanchisserie Basse Meuse: Efficient laundry management in practice

The Broers family opened one of the most modern industrial laundries in Europe in a new building in the Haut Sarts industrial area near Liège/Belgium in February 2009. Six years later the laundry looks more productive and modern than ever. So it's time to take a look back.

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Up-to-date technology for smoothly running logistics
A&M provides 400 different clients in Belgium and France with personal and standardized rental linens for all sorts of hotels and restaurants.

The industrial laundry uses JENSEN technology which has recently been expanded. Currently the washing section features four Senking Universal tunnel washers, side by side. Together they guarantee an exceptionally efficient washing process. The flat linens - mostly sheets - are no longer manually fed. It is now a fully automated process thanks to the new Jenrail 2000 Automatic, a decentralized buffer system.

A dedicated transfer dryer and a Maximat 900 folding machine professionally and exclusively process bathrobes in the separate ‘spa corner’. As a result of this, A&M is optimally equipped for the growing laundry segment of wellness centers and hotels.

Well thought-out planning to control the costs
Together with Marc Broers, General Manager of A&M Blanchisserie Basse Meusse, JENSEN developed a program for sorting the laundry, per client, in the finishing stage. The basis of this total control over the many different client items lies in the use of unique software. Thanks to Jenrail the linen is sorted and finished per client. The 100% client separation minimizes the number of program changes. In other words, the system uses the same program for feeding, ironing and folding as much as possible.

The result? A shortened processing time and a lower energy consumption.
In addition, the data is transferred automatically to the accounting department. The invoicing process is also automated, which makes it very appealing for industrial laundries that use multiple finishing lines, such as A&M.

“A&M enjoys the advantages of a family business and personal contacts within the sector,” according to Marc Broers. "Our success is based on three strong fundamentals; clients, business partners and staff. Based on the intense collaboration with and the expert advice of our business partners, in particular the company JENSEN, we were able to grow into one of the most modern textile rental companies in Europe. Automation doesn't merely mean an increase in productivity and a logistic optimization of the processing techniques but also a substantial improvement in terms of working conditions for our employees."

Please have a look here or on our Youtube-channel:

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