Make way for the red carpet!

JENSEN’s one-stop shopping approach opens new perspectives on increasing laundry productivity. With the introduction of the new finishing technology, the global player completes the range of services of mat laundries and ensures a seamless process from the sorting station to delivery.

The one-stop shopping complete system approach combines machines, continuous data communication, and state-of-the-art automation for increased efficiency and conservation of resources by industrial laundries. With JENSEN’s new finishing plants, fully automated mat processing has come full circle and ensures the constant flow of mat washing. “Our product developers and engineers are passionately working on developing new solutions that will ensure a substantial increase in productivity for our partners,” explains Martin Rauch, Executive Director Sales & Innovations of the JENSEN-GROUP. “Whether in terms of washing or finishing technology or recently also in mat technology, our focus is always on the benefits to the customer and the individual needs of our order partner.”

A guest rarely comes alone
With every hotel guest, store customer, or business partner, 7 g (0.25 oz) of dirt find their way into the building. Pollen in spring, tar spots in summer, mud in fall, snow and pebbles in winter – small gifts from the street are diverse and stick all year long to visitors’ shoe soles. A constantly clean entrance area is essential for the first impression. That’s why store owners and managers rely on dirt-trapping mats in the entrance area. These mats ensure a clean look, lower cleaning costs, and protect floor surfaces.

A well thought out business model with a mat provider is a guarantee for an impeccable entrance. Depending on the customer’s need, dirt-trapping mats are leased or purchased and picked up at specified intervals, washed and delivered back to the address. The frequencies can be adjusted according to seasonal demands, so that the visitor is welcomed by a clean reception even in dirt-intensive weather conditions.

A clean dirt-trapping mat creates the best first impression. JENSEN will convincingly document which path the mat passes through from the entrance to the tunnel washer to rolling the mat out again at the entrance.

Increased traffic volume on the tunnel washer
The steady utilization of all components of the washroom area ensures an operationally efficient flow of the laundry. The Futurail sorting solutions from JENSEN guide the mats according to their emergence onto the correct track system and thereby prevent unnecessary congestion at the tunnel washer. The systems are oriented completely to the needs of the laundry. Customers’ orders can be separated and tracked in real time from the sorting to the finishing area.

JENSEN has the largest selection of sorting solutions. Depending on the throughput, weight, and size, the Trans-Sort lends itself to small to mid-size plants or the Continu-Sort for plants for high throughput and a large chamber opening. The rolling hooks with four rollers ensure the effortless transfer of the heavy mats from the sorting station to the different positions in the laundry.

Precisely in the acceptance area of the mat laundries, the demands are high on a well thought out sorting solution. Mats saturated with water and dirt are heavy and stress the bodies of the employees. The Futurail sorting solutions offer top ergonomic conditions due to individually adjustable feeding heights and protect the musculoskeletal system during handling.

Once sorted, the Futurail efficiently forwards the bags, which weigh up to 60 kg (132lb), along the track system and feeds the tunnel washing machines. The actual traffic situation is continually taken into account and optimized with the reliability of a navigation system. The storage and transport system ensures maximum laundry throughput, increases productivity, and switches to “green wave” for soiled and clean mats and consequently the success of the laundry.

Washing single-handedly
Standalone machines lend themselves to small to mid-size quantities. Depending on the output volume, JENSEN JWE washer extractors and the JENSEN JTD dryers are well-suited. The washer extractors ensure high output by a centrifuge frequency of over 360 g, a high performance water intake, and a large drain valve for fast emptying and short cycles. Wide-opening sliding doors on the dryers ensure a quick and easy loading and unloading of large and heavy mats.

Shaken, not stirred.
The processes that the mats particularly require are as different as the soil particles. The JENSEN Senking mat shaker is especially designed for dirt-trapping mats. The larger drum perforation and the sand collecting chute provide better sand removal. The large drum volumes, rugged construction, and high energy efficiency ensure a productive mat cleaning with minimal media consumption and extremely low maintenance requirements.

The mats then reach the Senking Universal wash tunnel by means of a fully automated control system. The Senking Universal adapts flexibly to the demands of the mat laundry, and its durability is impressive. The excellent washing mechanics are reflected in the open drum geometry and the commensurate washing ribs. If a grain of sand should still stick in the pores of the mat, it will be removed by double drums with an additional bath exchange.

The Senking Universal combines efficiency, productivity, and laundry quality in keeping with JENSEN’s CleanTech concept. Water consumption is reduced by an integrated recovery tank. Functional sand discharges and the drum design with a beveled floor also provide an extremely high self-cleaning effect for the machines.

Highly efficient centrifuges for mats
The patented balancing system of the Senking centrifuges is ideal for dirt-trapping maps, whose material, composition, size, and water retention create more imbalances than normal laundry or work clothing. The low and uniform residual moisture and the high centrifugal rate decrease the processing time in the dryer. Even the drums meet the requirements of a mat laundry. The large drum volumes provides a uniform distribution of the mats and the drum opening facilitates fast loading and unloading even of the most bulky mat items.

After the short cycle times (starting from 180 sec) in the centrifuge, the mats are transferred into the well-sealed and thermally insulated steel housing of the mat dryer. In the DT mat dryer, the mats experience a high evaporation rate by using efficient fans and optimal air guidance. The reinforced ribs in the shaker ensure better mat handling, and the lint is removed by special lint screens. The success of the top-selling dryer is as great as the low degree of heat emission, energy consumption, noise level, and maintenance expense.

Completely in line with an innovative and resource-conserving use, the JENSEN dryer ensures a highly efficient use of the heating by the increased heat transfer to the dying process. The runtimes of large and heavy mats can be decreased by means of the large volume filter.

Automation as success factor
The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Only with the intelligent dovetailing of individual high-performance machines can the potential for increasing operator profitability be realized. Sophisticated interim storage, seamless data communication, and well thought out track and trace systems form the backbone of the automation and ensure constant and sustained utilization of the mat laundry. By installing the washroom with sorting stations, mat shakers, tunnel washers and washer extractors, centrifuges and dryers, mat laundries have sworn by JENSEN technology for decades and rely on automation as a key to productivity.

One-stop shopping approach consistently implemented
In light of the promise as a supplier to supply everything from one source, JENSEN added finishing plants for mats to its product range and has come full circle with its complete system. After the mats are sorted, shaken, washed, and dried, they are prepared for their next use as a calling card in the entrance area – everything automated and with the highest level of process efficiency.

The Jenmat carousel provides ergonomically correct output height for easy acceptance by the operator. The sequence of the mats is correctly arranged by manual or automatic control. The generous depot area optimizes the operation and guides the mats to the most recent child of the JENSEN-GROUP – the Jenmat Speedroller.

The name says it all: The Jenmat Speedroller automates the mat rolling process at a speed of 320 mats per hour – which is four times the performance of an operator in real production. In addition to the commercial criteria, JENSEN also contributes positively to the physical health and productivity of the operators, who stack or roll the usually very heavy mats by hand. The swiveling and height-adjustable intake table with a very slip-proof conveyor belt as well as the large feeding table for a comfortable visual inspection form ideal conditions for an ergonomic solution.

Since the Jenmat Speedroller is the first mat rolling machine that rolls the mats with the rubber side either up or down, it has proven itself as the preferred solution for the automated rolling of mats. The fibers of the mats are furthermore not damaged by the automated rolling and ensure an extended life. The Jenmat Speedroller is available with a series of functions and options that represent the optimum solution for every mat laundry.

One project, one contact
Cost-efficiency, growth, and investment security – these are the three main aspects that company managers from all industries strive toward. Laundry managers planning the implementation of new, turnkey laundries or intending to modernize their systems also seek technology to make their business more cost-efficient and enable more sustainable growth – all in a way to secure long-term investment security. When investing in new plants or planning a laundry from the ground up, the decision-making process should be very well thought out, and the conditions for a successful implementation by Industry 4.0 should be taken into account.

Industry 4.0 broaches the issue of the potential for digital networking along the value chain and the entire life cycle of market services. The management of all resources, such as machines, equipment, energy, or personnel are important aspects of this. Gotli Labs AG, a joint venture between the JENSEN-GROUP and ABS Laundry Business Solutions, is getting industrial laundries in shape for the digital future. The jointly developed GLOBE application is the most comprehensive information system for production management on the market. Data collection and production visualization as well as time recording and planning are becoming essential instruments for improving productivity and availability of the laundries.

With JENSEN, laundries can count on having a strong partner from whom a highly productive, proprietary product program, smart solutions for the laundry logistics, and state-of-the-art automation can be obtained from one source. Short response times in the worldwide sales and service network ensure operational efficiency, and nearly 60 years of industry expertise support the customers in all phases – from the tender to start-up.

The flexibility of the Senking Universal facilitates the perfect adjustment to the mat cleaning.

High evaporation rate by means of efficient fans and optimal air guidance in the DT mat dryer.

The Jenmat Speedroller stands for the highest process efficiency.

Ergonomically optimum working conditions: The unrolling table can be pivoted and adjusted for height.

Mats reduce the cleaning costs, protect the floor surfaces and guarantee a good first impression.