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Vortex Mat Roller

Simple and cost-efficient return-to-operator mat roll machine


  • Up to 400 mats/hour (expected: 220 mats/hour)
  • Enhanced productivity and optimized workflow due to the roll-over function
  • Machine can be placed in a corner or along a wall and is therefore easy integratable in existing laundries
  • Cost-efficient operation as only one operator is needed


High efficiency

  • The expected production is 220 mats/hour. The machine is capable of rolling 400 mats/hour. The real production depends on the experience of the operator, delivery and mat size
  • The center-diameter of the rolled mats can be set to 3-8 cm


Roll-over function

  • The patented roll-over-feature enables the operator to prepare the next mat for rolling during the current rolling process
  • The roll-over function results in a higher productivity of the mat rolling process.

Very small footprint

  • The machine can be placed in a corner or along a wall as it only takes up 2.30 m x 1.10 m (7' 7'' x 3' 7'') floor space
  • The 190 cm (6' 3'') wide bed allows to roll large mats as well as standard mats

Cost-efficient and easy operation

  • Only one operator is needed
  • Easy installation and use without difficult programming for the operator
  • Equipped with a safety light curtain and designed for highest possible operator safety