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Universal M

Multi-purpose folder combining top-quality folding of table linen with fast folding of bed linen

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  • Multi-purpose combination folder
  • Top-quality folding
  • Maximum production


Multi-purpose folder

  • Multi-purpose combination folder for mix production of any type of flatwork.
  • Performs half folds and the M-fold, depending on model and options.
  • Handles table linen, heavy duvet covers, sheets, large and small piece linen.
  • Available for 1 lane, or combined 1&2 lane operation.


Top-quality folding

  • Accurate folding in the lateral folding section by combining the simple air-blast fold with linen carried on belts by reversing conveyors.
  • Top-quality cross fold by knife and reversing conveyors.

Maximum production

  • Minimum human intervention required thanks to automatic adjustment of folding parameters according to customer, article, and category.