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Rapid Pro

A simple, compact, high speed folder for terry and healthcare products.

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One machine to fold it all*

  • The Rapid Pro offers a wide variety of folding patterns: French lateral fold, single, double or French cross fold.

*Capable of handling a maximum item size of 40 inches (101 cm) wide by 74 (188 cm) inches in length. Accompanies 99 different programs for folding.


Accurate folding at high speed

  • Reduce the number of mis-feeds with a large feeding station.
  • Synchronous belt drive ensures an accurate folding process at top speeds of 188 ft/min (57 m/min).
  • Stackable take away belt allows for continuous feeding.

Easy maintenance

  • The 4 hinged doors allow for for full access along the folding belts of the Rapid Pro
  • This access allows you to clear product jams with ease.
  • The hinged doors feature gas sprung cylinders and dual channel magnetic switches.

Variable machine footprint

  • Depending on the availability of floor space, the Rapid Pro has options to suit your needs.
  • Standard Rear Discharger - allows for the machine to discharge the folded laundry out the back of the machine onto a belt, which can easily be transferred to another belt for efficient material handling.
  • Return to Feeder Option - instead of the laundry being processed out the back of the Rapid Pro, the laundry is simply returned back to the feeder.