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Olympic, Napkin & BottomUp

Compact solution combining a lateral folder and a cross folder and a stacker for high quality folding and stacking of small pieces and Bib Aprons.

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  • High versatility
  • High folding quality
  • High stacking quality
  • Flexible production


High versatility

  • 1 cross fold as a half fold or as a French fold depending on model.
  • Special cross fold pattern possible.
  • Adjustable templates and knives according to program.
  • Different lane widths possible.
  • Coupling of lanes for stacking only is possible.


High folding quality

  • Accurate lateral folding thanks to the linen carried on belts by reversing conveyors.
  • Cross folding by knife across mechanical templates.
  • Very accurate adjusting of the folding templates is possible.

High stacking quality

  • High stacking quality by stacking tables pressing the linen during stacking.
  • Compact stacking.

Flexible production

  • A mix of cross fold types is possible, making French fold in some lanes, and a half fold in the other lanes.
  • Bypass through the cross fold section for stacking only.
  • Stacking of wide pieces possible by coupling several stackers to work as one.