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Logic Pro Automatic

Multi-purpose feeder prepared for remote feeding


  • Multi-purpose feeder
  • Double capacity
  • Increased feeding capacity
  • Increased feeding quality


Multi-purpose feeder

  • Automatic feeding in combined 1&2 lanes
  • Handles all types and sizes of flatwork
  • Available for various types of remote feeding stations
  • Prepared for cornerless feeding of sheets at JENSEN Performance Days

Double capacity

  • Prepared for remote cornerless feeding of sheets
  • Prepared for double feeding capacity
  • Up to 2400 single sheets per hour in 2-lane operation

Increased feeding capacity

  • New servo drive giving increased feeding capacity
  • New vacuum box giving increased vacuum force

Increased feeding capacity

  • More precise spreading and feeding thanks to servo drive
  • High-friction pick-up roller with belt brake control
  • Improved vacuum suction for optimum treatment of large items
  • AutoReject of thick items before entering the ironer