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Logic Plus

Multi-purpose feeder combining fast feeding of bed linen with top quality feeding of table linen

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  • Multi-purpose feeder combining top-quality feeding of table linen with high capacity feeding of bed linen.
  • Optimum ergonomic working conditions.
  • Fast feeding of bed linen.
  • Top-quality feeding of table linen.
  • Gentle handling of the linen by the unique soft-touch spreading clamps.


Multi-purpose feeder

  • Small-piece feeding in 3 to 6 lanes.
  • Large piece feeding in 1 or 2 lanes.
  • Large-piece feeding in combined 1&2 lanes.
  • Fast feeding of bed linen.
  • Top-quality feeding of table linen.


Optimum ergonomic working conditions

  • Fast and easy feeding of large pieces thanks to the unique "Easy Clamp", enabling the operators to easily clip corners into the clamps.
  • Fast and easy feeding of small pieces by vacuum support and spreading plates to assist the operators.

Fast feeding of bed linen

  • The unique "Easy Clamp" makes it easy for the operators to clip the corners of the linen fast and correct into the clamps.
  • Available with 3 or 4 feeding stations.

Top-quality feeding of table linen

  • Perfect leading edge thanks to the unique pivoting "soft-touch" spreading clamps.
  • Automatic setting of the spreading tension and vacuum force according to program.
  • Automatic "shaking" of the linen according to program. Optimum feeding quality into the ironer chest by the optional unique "Concorde" direct feeding conveyor with vacuum support.