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L-TRON DTX Tumbling Dryer

The large capacity tumbling dryer for both a fully automated dry aisle and stand alone washrooms.

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High energy efficiency

  • Improve heat transfer within the dryer to decrease cycle time.
  • Axial airflow delivers incoming air through the front and back of the basket.
  • Ensure better heat transfer to the drying product and eliminates the need for wipers.


Durable and thoughtful construction

  • Rigid, solid construction gives your laundry a peace of mind, this machine was built to last.
  • The complete dryer assembly is mounted on a solid steel sub-frame to ensure correct alignment between components.
  • The vertical guide movement of both front and back doors minimizes heat loss and eliminates mechanical interferences during loading and unloading of the basket.

Designed with maintenance and safety in mind

  • Ease of maintenance was a main consideration in the design of the L-Tron DTX Dryer.
  • Minimizing maintenance downtime increases efficiency and output.
  • The dryer features direct drive; therefore, no belts and no replacement belts are required.
  • The dryer is fitted with many safety features as standard.
  • Offers centralized lubrication location to reduce maintenance time.