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Automatic transport and storage of all types of stacked linen

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  • Increased production
  • Increased automation
  • Simplified laundry logistics overview
  • Service friendly


Increased production

  • Continuous production thanks to reduced production stops by automatic removal of stacks after the ironer lines.


Increased automation

  • Automatic removal of stacks.
  • Automatic strapping of each stack.
  • Automatic data collection and invoicing by to the unique Track & Trace function.

Simplified laundry logistics overview

  • Easy and reliable overview by the unique Track & Trace of batches.
  • Easy transfer of data for statistics.
  • Safe communication with process equipment based on HTML, not requiring PC’s.
  • Detailed management information thanks to transparent production statistics.

Service friendly

  • Designed with standard components.
  • Designed for easy exchange of drum motors and belts.
  • Frames and legs in galvanized steel prepared for wiring and sensors.
  • Wiring placed in frames covered with easy removable plastic shields.