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Top-quality ironing at any speed without tape marks in the linen

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  • Superior ironing quality
  • High capacity
  • Prolonged linen lifetime
  • Service friendly
  • Compact design


Superior ironing quality

  • Superior, nice and glossy finish provided by the flexible chest at the first section.
  • Top-quality ironing without tape marks.


High capacity

  • Optimum evaporation by the flexible chest in the first section followed by a high drying capacity in the calendar section.
  • High drying capacity by 3 steam-heated cylinders in the calendar section, applying heat to both sides of the linen. Compact design with a high capacity.

Prolonged linen lifetime

  • 66% reduced friction through the ironer thanks to the use of driven rollers instead of chests in the calendar section.

Service friendly

  • One roll with springs and padding only.
  • No ironer tapes required.