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Automated laundry handling solutions for soiled and clean linen

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  • Engineered laundry material handling solutions to fit specific laundry needs.
  • Belts, sorting, and rail systems which ensure a constant supply of work for the entire laundry: washers, dryers and finishing equipment.
  • Maintenance and servicing included in the design process to improve system reliability and increase laundry through-put.


Increase laundry capacity and open floor space.

  • Become efficient from the beginning by unloading faster from delivery trucks, allowing for your facility to process more laundry.
  • Put sorted soiled and clean laundry from carts in the air to free up valuable floor space for more production machinery.
  • Eliminate double handling and increase laundry capacity by increasing workable floor area.


Array of options to fit your specific laundry needs

  • Futurail directly caters to customer's needs by offering the largest number of sorting bins.
  • Material Handling Consultancy is offered to optimize your laundry layout for maximum sorting capacity and laundry efficiency.
  • Customized material handling designed to improve sorting, soiled/clean storage, and laundry processes for increased efficiencies and profits.

Automate your growth

  • With Futurail's proprietary software, Rail Explorer, material handling has never been easier.
  • Futurail laundry systems can be preprogrammed to eliminate errors and allow for continuous operation.
  • Track and trace within the Futurail systems allows for you to stay up to date with exact material location and machine processes.