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Futurail Maintenance Package

Quick, automated maintenance for the Futurail Systems


  • With our proprietary Rail Explorer software, add the Futurail Maintenance Package for easy fault maintenance of bags and rail system hardware.
  • Tag individual bags for immediate servicing.
  • Access bags with the click of a button.


Quick Servicing

  • Immediately know what needs servicing in your system with the help of Rail Explorer software, OCR camera, and numbered bags.
  • Futurail can automatically flag bags and/or rail hardware for faults within the system.
  • Dedicated maintenance MLA's (Motorized Lifting Aides) can be added to the system for easy bag removal and re-entry without stopping your laundry's flow of work.


Automated Fault Records

  • Let the software handle system time studies for you.
  • Rail Explorer software keeps record of each timed event and can immediately highlight faults for your attention.
  • Fault records allow your team to act quickly to service the system.

Complete Maintenance Solution

  • Automatically or manually flag bags for immediate servicing. With the addition of Futurail Buddy, Futurail offers the most comprehensive maintenance package in material handling.
  • Futurail Buddy can offer a line of sight maintenance solution to your entire laundry by referencing records retained within our Rail Explorer software.