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Futurail Buddy

Futurail Buddy is the Maintenance Laundry Manager's BFF*. *Best Friend Forever


  • Buddy is a maintenance tablet package, which offers a line of sight solution for increased laundry safety.
  • Buddy offers complete manual system control, which allows for quick problem solving efforts and optimized material handling.


Tablet Maintenance Solution

  • Buddy can offer complete manual system control.
  • Maintenance zones can be established to manually control each portion of your laundry.
  • Allows for quick problem solving efforts.
  • Let Buddy help you optimize your laundry handling.


Increase Plant Safety

  • Line of sight maintenance control over your entire plant.
  • Test and troubleshoot each component of the system directly in front of you.
  • Futurail Buddy complies to PLC/PLD safety requirements and meets CE Safety Standards.

Increase Profitability

  • Single point location maintenance keep your plant operational at all times.
  • Increase machine uptime by isolating troubleshooting events.
  • Directly solve problems with one operator instead of an entire maintenance team.