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EXP 2000

Steam heated mono-roll ironer for top quality ironing with optimized evaporation capacity by the large diameter flexible chest.

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  • Top-quality ironing.
  • Optimized evaporation capacity.
  • Reduced energy consumption.

Top-quality ironing

  • No tape marks in the linen thanks to the use of scraper plates instead of ironer tapes.
  • Excellent finishing quality and minimum friction by the use of carbon steel material for ironing.


Optimized evaporation capacity

  • Large-diameter flexible chest with a roll diameter of 2000 mm.
  • Increased contact angle thanks to the flexible chest adapting to the roll diameter like a "band brake".

Reduced energy consumption

  • Reduced heat radiation as the capacity of a Jenroll Express 2000 can replace a conventional fixed chest ironer using more rolls.
  • Reduced cubic content and less material to heat up in the morning thanks to the flexible chest.
  • Optimum heat conduction by use of carbon steel for the chest.
  • Minimum heat escape thanks to thorough insulation of chests, pipes and steam components.