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Ergonomic Multi-Sort

The ergonomic sorting solution for mid to high volume laundries.


  • You can boost sorting area productivity by maximizing laundry sort volumes.
  • The labor-conscious design of the sorting bin reduces work related fatigue and increases operator output.
  • The enhanced design supports quick & effortless maintenance by offering easy dismantling for immediate servicing.


New ergonomic design to increase operator output.

  • The ergonomic multi-sort was designed in conjunction with the European Work Environment Authorities to the EN 1005-4 ergonomic safety standards.
  • The design focuses on the 5 to 95 percentile user (1.53 m (5') to 1.88 m (6’2”)).
  • With the new design the laundries can reduce labor costs & operator strain by improving static standing posture and improving the arm to body angle.
  • A happy operator is an efficient operator.


Boost Sorting Productivity

  • The sorting bins are now closer to the operator than ever.
  • By design, operators are able to comfortably sort into 6-8 bins.
  • New design reduces work related fatigue, allowing the operator to sort more than ever before.

Improved Maintenance

  • The design has been enhanced to support quick and effortless maintenance.
  • The stainless steel top allows for easy dismantling for immediate servicing.
  • Stainless steel allows for a quick wipe down and smooth cleaning surface.
  • With a proper maintenance package supplied by Futurail, laundries have easy access to opening cylinders and release mechanisms.