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Butterfly Fox

Provides the highest folding quality to the broadest variety of garments based on well-proven technology.

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  • Excellent folding quality.
  • High and steady performance.
  • Service-friendly transparent cover plates for easy accessibility.
  • Available for manual and automatic feeding.


Excellent folding quality

  • Lateral folding by mechanical knives and cushioned metal templates.
  • Transport belt in the lateral folding area can perfectly adapt to the fabric of textiles.
  • Garments are additionally stretched through the additional folding motion.
  • Cross folding stations by reversing conveyors automatically adapt to the type of material.


High and steady performance

  • The lateral folding templates and cross fold section automatically adapt to the particular type of linen and facilitate a faster feeding.
  • Automatic folding applied according to customer, article, and size of garment without human intervention.

Service friendly transparent cover plates

  • Transparent, sliding doors and light inside the machine.
  • Easy visual control.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Minimum downtime in case of a jam inside the machine.

Manual feeding model

  • Manual feeding of light and heavy garments on ergonomic correct feeding table with vacuum assist.