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Auto-Calibration for Sort Bin Loading

Sorting Bin Calibration no longer requires hours of unsanitary/uncomfortable placement of heavy weights. With the new automatic load calibration, the bin’s weight can be zeroed with the press of a button.


  • Easily calibrate sorting bins with the press of a button.
  • Reduce calibration maintenance hours.
  • Optimize bag loads to the originally defined system capacity.
  • Can be easily installed to new or retrofitted to existing sorting systems.


Increase profits and productivity with the press of a button

  • Futurail has witnessed laundries under-loading their system by as much as 10%.
  • A 10% under-loading of bins/bags equals a 10% loss in production per load.
  • Futurail recommends calibrating each bin once a month due to system capacity concerns.
  • Increase productivity by decreasing sorting bin maintenance down time.
  • Each hour spent calibrating sorting bins is an hour out of production.


Easy maintenance of sorting system

  • The struggle of calibrating sorting bins is real.
  • Let Futurail ease your bin calibration burden.
  • Replace the use of heavy weights and awkward placements to manually calibrate sorting bins with the Auto-Calibration Button.
  • Reduce hours of monthly maintenance and sorting bin down-time.

Increase safety with correct weight bag loading

  • Opposed to under-loading the system, overloading the bags can also cause serious issues within the plant.
  • Overloading of bags can add additional strain and safety concerns to the system.
  • Also, in terms of maintenance, no more hauling heavy weights and crawling on messy belts to calibrate bins.
  • Just press the Auto-Calibrate button.

Optimize load capacity

  • Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your laundry is running at the optimum load capacity for your entire laundry system.
  • Work at design load capacities to ensure proper chemical mixes within washing cycles.
  • Maximize profits by optimizing the system to JENSEN designed load capacities.