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Viking 2000

The fastest separator in the world.

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  • The fastest separator in the world.
  • Fast return on investment.
  • Optimum ergonomic working conditions.
  • 3 models available


The fastest separator in the world

  • Fast separation of large pieces thanks to the high lifting distance, allowing to separate even the largest pieces of linen.
  • High capacity thanks to multiple pickers on the lifting device.
  • Separates and delivers up to 2200 single sheets per hour.


Fast return on investment

  • One Viking separator does the job of 2.
  • Fast enough for 2 ironer lines.
  • Doubles the PPOH thanks to separating the linen into fewer pieces, easy and fast to pick up by the operators.
  • High, steady and continuous supply of separated linen to the operators at the feeder via a supply conveyor.
  • No manual transport of trolleys to the ironer lines.

Optimum ergonomic working conditions

  • Fast and easy to pick up the separated linen from a supply conveyor - no manual pulling of linen out of trolleys.

3 models available

  • Model A: supplied with trough prepared for supply of linen from at bag or conveyor.
  • Model C: Supplied with a pre-separator for larger volumes.
  • Model D: Supplied with a trolley-lifter for supply of linen in a trolley.