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Rail Explorer

The enhanced software package for complete laundry material handling.


  • Material handling software programmed to efficiently guide your laundry.
  • Program your laundry to automatically process all your material handling.
  • Easily access production reports and system faults for maximum laundry efficiency.


Panoramic laundry management

  • Total systematic overview of all laundry material handling from one centralized location.
  • View assigned laundry batches throughout the entire material handling process.
  • Receive notifications of machine status, conveyor movement, and sensor indications.


Time is money: efficiency and business output is on the rise

  • Monitor and optimize individual machines and material location for maximum performance Receive instant notifications of system faults and machine status.
  • Manually alter timing sequences to optimize your laundry.

Provide instant production metrics

  • Witness on-the-spot product location (track & trace).
  • Keep up to date with accurate system performance information.
  • Reference Rail Explorer production reports for laundry efficiencies and determine areas in need of optimizing.