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JENSEN Metricon®

The automated conveyor system for garment handling and sorting


  • The original Metricon® conveyor is a modular system used for automatic handling of washed garments between laundry workstations.
  • It is very well proven in use, with more than 600 systems in more than 40 countries - and billions of garments sorted!
  • A Metricon® conveyor system – small or large – is always customized with standard proven components and built to obtain optimum solutions as well as the best possible value.


Improved user experience with Metricon® Plus

  • Faster learning curve
  • Easier to get a total system overview and follow the garments through the system – from loading to outlet station
  • Improved usability- Helps operator to make the right decision. and discharge a route at the right time


Cost effective solution- growth with your production needs

  • High quality sorting with either Metrilink hanger carrier units to operate the system with thin wire hangers, Lobster hangers for folded garment delivery or with several customized system hangers.
  • It can be adapted for any laundry premises and can be expanded easily as the system's requirements change.

FastFix X – the new way of replacing driving dogs

  • Changing driving dogs can now be made without requiring any tools.
  • Automated conveyor system for garment handling and sorting – now even easier and more safe to handle and maintain