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Used JENSEN machines never grow old


JENSEN laundry machines are known for their exceptional value. For this reason, our machines are highly sought after, even after years of use. As a manufacturer, we offer used JENSEN machines that are factory-reconditioned.

Benefits at a glance

Compared with new equipment, in addition to the price advantage, continued use of pre-owned equipment benefits the environment. An extended lifecycle keeps the machine out of the dump for a while longer. Thanks to factory reconditioning, customers can rely on the same investment security as when investing in a new machine from JENSEN. Laundry customers will not see any difference: JENSEN pre-owned equipment is as state-of-the art as new equipment.

Factory reconditioning

Pre-owned machines are completely dismantled in our factory. All worn parts are reconditioned or replaced. During assembly, the machines undergo the same in-depth surveying and quality assurance processes as new machines.

Example: Factory reconditioned tunnel washer

After many years in production, tunnel washers get a second life in our factory. All the rollers, bearings, drive chains and drain valves are checked, and if necessary, replaced. The gearbox is entirely rebuilt, the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are replaced, and a new inductive water flow meter is installed. The entire machine is then checked, cleaned and receives new paneling. Finally, a finishing touch is added with our special acid proof paint. Now the tunnel washer is ready for many more hours in production.

JENSEN has standardized the reconditioning process for all types of laundry machines.