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As the preferred one-stop-shop supplier to the heavy duty laundry industry, JENSEN-GROUP has a longstanding tradition of integrating sustainability aspects in the machine development and in the way it is doing business. We aim at increasing the competitiveness of our customers, and at the same time, its sustainability.

Higher performance, lower media consumption

The objective of the JENSEN CleanTech concept is to increase the efficiency of the primary energy and to reduce its use with gas-operated laundry machines. When developing laundry machines, the JENSEN-GROUP concentrates on achieving high performance and minimum energy and water consumption. In addition to direct gas operation, this involves the integration of internal energy and water recovery systems. When our machines achieve higher process temperatures, the drying and finishing times are dramatically shortened, which increases productivity.

The JENSEN-GROUP is committed to sustainable laundry automation and to supporting laundries in increasing their performance with equipment and solutions that guarantee more output with fewer resources used.

Record figures in CleanTech laundries supplied by

  • Tunnel washer Senking Universal consuming 1.6 l/kg or 0.2 gal/lb water
  • WR Dryers: 0.95 kWh/l resp. 1,474 btu’s/lb
  • Jenfeed Express: 1800 pcs/h
  • More througput, higher availability: 0.8 kWh/kg resp. 1.76 kWh/lbs of linen

Thanks to Globe by Gotli Labs, we can prove our statements with transparent figures.

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