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Mr Huang and Mrs Chen, the couple that make Shaanxi Jinhe possible standing beside their JENSEN tunnel washers

Shaanxi Jinhe: making a better laundry through an athlete’s spirit

Shaanxi Jinhe is one of the top laundries in Xi’an and even in all of China. Xi’an is an ancient capital of China, and has become a lively modern city as well as one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. Mr Huang Liping 黄立平 and Mrs. Chen Yuying 陈玉英, the talented couple behind this laundry. Their success story is one of a kind, combining smart laundry management with an athlete’s spirit and an artist’s touch!

From the moment you enter, Shaanxi Jinhe stands out. When you walk in you are greeted by tall stacks of crisp, perfectly white linen, going to four and five star hotels around Xi’an, and the laundry facility is almost as clean as the linen itself. Their operators are clearly well trained, working with both care and speed. The atmosphere is exceptionally friendly and passionate about quality.

Shaanxi Jinhe was founded in 2006, and they began operation the following year. It started with Mr Huang’s decision to have his own business that could become his life’s work, and it’s success is certainly linked to Mr. Huang’s mind of an athlete. Mr Huang is a high performing rower, and he explained that his approach to business is the same as  his approach to rowing:  working together, working hard, and constant refinement. He explains, “every day, you give your absolute best effort. Then the next day, you see if you can do it even better than the day before.  You always look for a way to improve.”

The story of Jinhe could not be told without Mrs. Chen,  radiating a positive and inspiring energy that shines on every aspect of the laundry. She is charming, passionate, and determined. She is more focused on clients and external business, yet she has a unique personal connection with each employee.

It started with a towel folder in 2016. Then in 2017, Jinhe made a significant step forward from their previous experience with stand-alone machines, and they installed one of the first tunnels in Shaanxi for the hotel market. Mrs. Chen remembers, “It was not an easy decision – especially since we decided to spend more on an international brand. We calculated that even though we would spend more at first, over the long run the total return gives the machine an exceptionally high value. We clearly made the right decision because we now have a second JENSEN tunnel.” Working with JENSEN they have become one of China’s pioneering laundries, testing new dryer technology and installing one of the first small piece stackers in China.

Shaanxi Jinhe have carefully selected the right machines and importantly consider their long-term needs. They have all the pieces for long-lasting success, and we look forward to their certain continued growth and success!

Xi’an is one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. The terracotta warriors at the grave of China’s first emperor are a must see.
The Wild Goose Pagoda is located in central Xi’an and is popular for its water and light show as well as the surrounding walking streets with local snacks and live music.
Shaanxi Jinhe is located in Xi’an and is one of the only laundries with equipment that can service the top hotels in Xi’an.
Two flatwork lines, for large and small pieces, processing linen for four and five star hotels
Line of 120kg/ 265lbs dryers

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