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Report from Texcare Asia 2013, Shanghai

It has become a tradition for JENSEN-GROUP to exhibit at the Texcare show in Asia, 2013 is the fifth time in a row. This year, the booth has become bigger and better: The surface has been increased by 11%, and the main attractions are the exhibits that are being presented live in operation. It seems to be the right move, as our team in Shanghai informed us today that the JENSEN booth has been crowded with visitors from the very first minute the exhibition opened.

Handling, washing, finishing

In a nutshell, these are the three core disciplines of any laundry. The JENSEN-GROUP's key technologies encompass the entire laundry process, including the washroom itself, the logistics of moving linen and textiles, finishing with feeders, ironers, folders and tunnel finishers as well as software technology to control the overall process. The best in class of all these disciplines can be experienced live in operation at our booth:


Washroom Technology:

  • Futurail - the most automated custom-designed laundry handling solution
  • Tunnel washer Senking Universal XL: The unique concept of our tunnel washers has now been further improved with JENSEN QuickSoak - for a very efficient and precise soaking effect.
  • Senking Water Extraction Press SEP 50 Plus: With TopDrain-system (pat.) for best hygiene conditions and SpeedExtract hydraulic for best extraction performance.


Flatwork Finishing Technology:

  • Hospitality finishing line for top quality finishing of bed and table linen, comprising a Jenfeed Logic Plus, Jenfold Classic S D3, Jenstack Max
  • Ironer Jenroll EXPS, combined with a model of the unique flexible chest: for top-quality ironing with minimum energy consumption on minimum floor space.


Garment Finishing Technology:

  • Jenfold Tematic Pro for top-quality folding of towels with the famous lateral folding by mechanical folding blades that guarantee highest flexibility and a fast ROI
  • Jenfold Butterfly Fox MF for the perfect folding and stacking of all kind of garments - heavy garments, healthcare garments, overalls and bib overalls


The productivity rate can be raised by speeding up the process, by enlarging volumes with existing technologies, and of course with materials handling and automation. Visitors to our booth can learn more about our latest developments in total laundry automation, they get an in-depth look at our layout expertise and are invited to discuss with our team how the Sales and Service Center in Shanghai adds value to the productivity of their laundries.


Making a difference

What sets us apart from other suppliers in our industry is our investment in local structures: Our team at JENSEN China consists of senior executives and laundry experts with a lot of experience on JENSEN equipment. They look after our vast customer base in China, making sure that all JENSEN equipment reaches highest availability rates. Reliability and local service continue to be key decision-making factors for laundries, and so is consultancy on layout and automation.

At the exhibition, our team at JENSEN China is supported by product experts from JENSEN facilities in Europe and the United States. All of them are delighted about this great opportunity at the show to meet laundry managers and discuss future business growth opportunities with them.

Best regards from the JENSEN team at Texcare Asia 2013!

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