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Express delivery

When it comes to the “Express” delivery of parcels, you will find many service providers all around the world. But if you want Express delivery of sheets to the finishing line, there is only one brand - JENSEN. The unique remote feeding system Express incorporating a fast cornerless feeding solution reaches a record high production of more than 600 hospital sheets per hour per operator.


At one of our customers’ laundries, eight operators feed a mix of 5’200 hospital sheets and draw sheets into two ironer lines via the Express Pro cornerless feeding stations. To handle that amount of sheets, there is only one ironerline solution; the JENSEN Logic Pro Automatic 1&2 lane feeder combined with a 3-roll JENSEN Express ironer and a JENSEN Classic folder with double outlet direction and sorting on multiple stackers.   

High flexibility with multi-purpose feeding
Combining the Express Pro remote feeding stations and conventional remote feeding stations is possible thanks to the unique JENSEN Express Twin clamp. The Express Twin clamp is designed to fit both types of stations allowing fast cornerless feeding of sheets into the Express Pro remote feeding stations, and top-quality feeding of duvet cover corners into conventional remote feeding stations.

World record in PPOH
One clip, no corners: that’s the Express system in a nutshell. There is no need to identify and feed corners of the linen into clamps. The automatic sorting with the integrated size measuring (length and width) eliminates any manual operation of sorting push buttons. And thanks to the height adjustable feeding position, the ergonomic working conditions boost the productivity and help to set a new record in PPOH. 

600 PPOH makes the unique JENSEN Express remote feeding system the most productive feeding system in the world.

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