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Wuhan Kunteng washing company is the primary linen supplier for this year’s games

A Top-level Global Competition and a Wuhan Laundry Delivering Linen to Match

When 140 countries send some of the finest members of their military to one place, you can prepare for something big. This is precisely what is happening in Wuhan, China as the 7th World Military Games take place from October 18 to 27. Such a big event also has big laundry requirements. Wuhan Kunteng Washing Company is the primary linen supplier for the World Military Games, and they rely on JENSEN heavy-duty laundry equipment to fill this very demanding job.


The World Military Games
The CISM (International Military Sports Council) has post-World War 2 roots, and the goal is not just to generate confidence and cohesion within one’s own ranks, but also to allow for sport to be a vehicle for diplomacy by generating international interaction, understanding, and solidarity. 
The first ever Military World Games was held in Rome in 1995, and they have been held every four years since. This year will have 140 participating countries and will include competitions on 24 sports disciplines, including everything from basketball, boxing, swimming, shooting, judo, volleyball, and more. 

Top level competition demands a top-quality job
With any big sports competition comes big washing demands, however involving the military takes it up a step. Militaries of the world demand the best from their troops, and they also demand the best for their troops. Only perfect linen is acceptable. 
While Wuhan has a generous number of tourists and visitors, large events like the World Military Games result in a major spike in volume requirements. As the primary linen supplier, Wuhan Kunteng must operate at their absolute top efficiency. There is no tolerance for downtime, and machines must operate with the highest reliability.

The experience to meet the highest demands 
JENSEN equipment is no stranger to demanding large-scale events. From as far back the 1980 Summer Olympic games in Moscow to as recent as the 2018 Football World Cup, JENSEN machines have worked behind the scenes to satisfy the unique high-quality linen demands of many of the most influential sports competitions around the world. 

Best of luck!
We extend our very best wishes to all the athletes from around the world. We wish that all participants have a memorable and exciting 7th World Military Games in Wuhan, China!

The first World Military Games were held in Rome in 1995. This year we celebrate the 7th World Military Games in Wuhan, China.
Over 140 countries will participate in the 7th World Military Games
Picture of the torch relay, as the fire makes its way to Wuhan
Volleyball competition portion from the 6th World Military Games in Korea
The Athletes village and surrounding stadiums in Wuhan
As volumes increase, machines must be reliable to consistently produce top quality linen

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