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Tough enough? High demands for workwear

In the laundry business, and especially for JENSEN, productivity, efficiency and growth are vital key words. This is what interest laundry managers most; how they can grow their business, be more productive and efficient.

Heavy-duty laundries processing workwear even have more challenges. They run garments in different colors and different types of textiles in the tunnel washer and want to keep water consumption low even if there are frequent color changes. When it comes to heavily soiled linen like uniforms or industrial workwear, the Senking Universal with its large drum volume is your perfect partner.
All Senking Universal tunnel washers are suited to cope with longer wash times with high mechanical action because of its unique drum design. The Archimedian helix offers a highly stable construction and removes the soil with its washboard shape. Extra wash beaters provide even more mechanical action: Perfect for workwear.

JENSEN QuickSoak offers a very efficient and precise soaking effect: A very straightforward extra shower for the linen in the first compartment for maximum soaking and drenching. This is particularly important for garments that tend to float, e.g. clothes that are made of polyester or similar materials. 

As first manufacturer JENSEN provided high pressure cleaning nozzles on double drums to remove residues of colored and oily workwear before white articles are driven through the machine. This very safe process prevents grey wash, prolongs the garment lifetime, and increases the comfort for the wearer.

FlexRinse and EcoTanks save resources
Laundries processing workwear often process garments in different colors. In order to keep the water consumption low during frequent color changes, EcoTanks with large volumes are recommended for separate water recovery by color. Warm water will be used for rinsing, whereas colder water will be used for the pre-wash process. 

The complete batch separation in the pre-wash and main wash areas plus FlexRinse in the rinse zone is key for best washing results: The Universal principle with separate compartments was invented by JENSEN and launched on the market. With the FlexRinse technology developed by JENSEN and an EcoTank system, a Senking Universal tunnel washer can be specified to combine high productivity with maximum flexibility and highest recovery of water and energy. EcoTanks with large volume buffers positioned next to the tunnel washer are fully integrated into the washing system. They are easy to clean, and the cleaning process can also be automated. Separate water recovery by color saves a lot of money and resources in the washing process of garments.

Did you know?
The first Senking Universal washing line in 1996 was a tunnel washer for processing white and blue heavily soiled workwear. JENSEN is most experienced in getting heavily soiled garments clean again.

The Senking Universal in action
JENSEN’s workwear specialist: The Senking Universal with EcoTanks

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