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The leading Norwegian textile rental group, NorTekstil, has invested into a new and highly automated turnkey laundry in Trondheim/Norway. Please visit for complete views of this great reference.

The JENSEN-GROUP grows and takes pole position in the heavy-duty laundry industry

The JENSEN-GROUP reports a record revenue with a 19.5% increase compared to 2014. With a revenue amounting to 286.3 million Euro, the company has become the number one supplier to the heavy-duty laundry industry.

This positive evolution is primarily attributable to the global presence of the JENSEN-GROUP, the dedication of our employees and the continuous development of products, solutions and processes - and the trust of our customers.

Innovative solutions
Continued investment in product development and our service structures enables us to meet our customers' needs. These developments are targeted at reducing the consumption of water and energy as well as increasing the availability and productivity of our products and services.

In 2015, we launched new stand-alone washer extractors and tumble dryers for small to medium volumes that complement our product range. In addition to developing our machines and systems, automation remains on top of our development agenda. JENSEN Cockpit ties our equipment and information together into a seamless laundry solution and positions us perfectly as a one-stop-shop for our customers around the globe. At the JENSEN-GROUP, we believe that the future is green, smart and digital: We will soon be ready to launch new products and services that will confirm our innovation leadership.

Thinking globally, acting locally
In line with our strategy to being close to our customers around the globe, JENSEN acquired the Spanish distribution activities from our long standing partner Boaya S.L: The timing of this acquisition proved to be right, as the new JENSEN Spain has already won several projects.

Also our offices in China, Dubai and Japan have been expanded, and we have been able to benefit from the rebound in Europe as well as the strong market in the USA. On January 29, 2016, the JENSEN-GROUP acquired a participation of 49% in TOLON, our longstanding distributor in Turkey and supplier of our stand-alone Washer Extractor and Dryer product range.

Investments for a successful future
The JENSEN-GROUP enlarged its manufacturing facilities in China, Germany and Denmark and invested into the latest in robotics and other modern manufacturing tools to meet customer demands in respect to short delivery time. Developing our international workforce and leaders remains a key focus. The JENSEN team shares a vision of offering the best global laundry solution with a local presence in all significant markets. All these investments will strengthen our brand, our products and the competitiveness of our customers.

“We have been able to grow the company and at the same time strengthened our balance sheet further and that without debt” says CEO Jesper Munch Jensen. With low debt and continuous profitability, we will be able to pursue our strategy in growing our products, markets, people and processes.

JENSEN expects to have an excellent start in of 2016. We expect 2016 to be the year of further investments and exciting product launches at the upcoming Texcare International show in Frankfurt. The JENSEN-GROUP will continue to optimize its operational excellence and expand its regional presence even further.


"We thank our customers for their continued trust and loyalty. We will strive to meet their expectations in terms of productivity, reliability, cost-effectiveness and reduced environmental impact of our equipment " confirms Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO of the JENSEN-GROUP.

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