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Ömer Tolon, Jesper Munch Jensen, Can Tolon

The JENSEN-GROUP acquires participation in TOLON

The JENSEN-GROUP has entered into an agreement to acquire up to 49% of TOLON, a company that manufactures and markets stand-alone laundry equipment as well as distributes JENSEN equipment and solutions in Turkey. JENSEN and TOLON have been working together for the past five years: TOLON is representing the full JENSEN heavy-duty product range in the growing Turkish market. Furthermore, in 2015 JENSEN entered into an agreement with TOLON for JENSEN labelled stand-alone washer extractors and dryers. These machines complement the heavy-duty JENSEN product range.


The JENSEN one-stop-shop approach
We have become the No. 1 supplier to the heavy-duty laundry industry by offering a full product range for Washroom and Finishing Technology. With this acquisition, we are now able to offer a highly competitive stand-alone Washer Extractor and Dryer product range under the JENSEN umbrella to complement our Washroom offering. We can today make sure that all our products including the JWE and JTD will seamlessly be integrated in our Flatwork and Garment processing for our textile rental customers, commercial laundries, large hotels and cruise lines.
We always have your performance in mind. Whether your need is a single machine, systems solution, or a complete turn-key project, we have the product line to fulfill your requirement. We offer the JENSEN washer extractors JWE and tumbler dryers JTD processing wash loads of 20, 40, 60 and 110 kg (45, 90, 130 and 250 lbs) through all our sales companies world-wide.

TOLON: Time to go global
Every day, laundries use TOLON technologies to satisfy their needs for hygienically clean and perfectly finished linen. TOLON has been supplying stand-alone washer extractors, drying tumblers, ironing and folding machinery for nearly 80 years. In 1967, TOLON started producing industrial laundry equipment. TOLON operates a state-of-the art manufacturing facility at their Headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, and produces machines that have been designed with focus on quality, optimization of resources and operational efficiency - a philosophy that is shared by us at the JENSEN-GROUP. Equipped with modern production technology, the factory follows the principles of lean manufacturing. As a family-owned company, TOLON feels particularly committed to sustainability.

TOLON is currently in the process of setting up a network of independent TOLON distributors in order to cater to the commercial laundry market. TOLON has become the market leader in Turkey in both the commercial and heavy-duty market and is now ready with a differentiated product range to develop the EU market. In 2015, TOLON setup a representation office, TOLON Europe, in Ghent, Belgium.

“TOLON has developed a stand-alone washer extractor and dryer which is in line with the JENSEN quality and performance standards, we started selling the first machines in 2010 and we have been impressed by the products and the company. Acquiring a participation is to confirm our commitment to the people and owners of TOLON. We expect great things for TOLON in the future” says CEO Jesper Munch Jensen.

Tolon Washer Extractor
Tolon Drying Tumbler
The new JWE and JTD - a highlight at the JENSEN booth at the recent Texcare Asia in Shanghai.

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