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Texcare International in Frankfurt

At Texcare International in Frankfurt, we will be presenting the latest innovations that have been created with one vision in mind: to increase the productivity and ecological efficiency of heavy duty laundries.

Since last Texcare International 2008, we have put a great deal of commitment and effort into developing new products and solutions. At our booth, you will be able to have a close look at the following exhibits:

Sorting and handling of soiled and clean linen:

  • Futurail with new stainless steel rail and enlarged bag capacity, shown in combination with a TransSort station. 

Best washing and extraction results with minimal resources:

  • Tunnel washer Senking Universal M for larger batch sizes
  • Water extraction press SEP 50 MDPlus SpeedExtract
  • New centrifugal extractor Z 1200Plus 

The widest range of flatwork finishing systems:

  • Complete finishing line for large pieces including decentral feeding by Jenrail 2000 Automatic with five different loading stations, - the largest selection in our industry. This line will be shown in combination with a Jenscan MPS scanner and a Viking 2000 - the fastest separator in the world.
  • Complete finishing line for small pieces, a Jenroll EXPG ironer and the small piece folders Tematic Pro and Concorde.

Finishing of garments for «pro-fashional» staff:

  • The popular Butterfly Fox folding and stacking machine with an automated Metricon loop and as a new stand-alone version for manual feeding.
  • The new SpeedDress high tech garment dispenser for fast garment delivery with high availability 

Automation to minimize the throughput time and media consumption

  • The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) supplied by JENSEN Cockpit offer a first time overview of the laundry: all details of the entire process flow are known - with actual data and immediate feedback.

Please visit our booth G90 - have a look at our innovations, meet our international laundry experts from all over the world, and have a drink in our lounge.

Auf Wiedersehen in Frankfurt!

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