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Texcare International 2016: New Perspectives in Laundry Automation

Smart technologies and new materials handling solutions are opening up great new perspectives for heavy-duty laundries. We invite you to explore these new perspectives at the JENSEN booth in hall 8, and exchange ideas with our laundry experts from all over the world, how JENSEN technology makes your laundry fit for a successful future.

What's new at JENSEN?

We are excited to show you our new Jenfeed Express Plus - the world's fastest feeder using cornerless feeding stations. Combined with the brand new JENSEN Quality Unit, it also increases the PPOH in the hospitality sector - high speed at high quality.

In the washroom section, we are closing the gap between two batch sizes with the new Senking Centrifuge Z1300Plus. Like the two well-proven Senking Centrifuge sizes, also the Z1300Plus offers highest extraction performance combined with an even smoother and more balanced operation.

The new Ergonomic Multi-Sort in the soil sorting area was developed together with the European Work Environment Authorities: This completely redesigned sorting station will dramatically increase the productivity by reducing standing posture fatigue and arm to body angle.

For the first time in our history, we will show a complete laundry at our booth by visualizing the entire flow - including new materials handling solutions and the unique JENSEN Cockpit system for central production monitoring with real-time information to improve the laundry productivity.

When Texcare opens its doors on June 11, we will be ready to unveil many more innovative products and solutions. Excited? So are we!

We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and to showcasing new perspectives for your laundry. We all know that the future will be smart, green and digital: At the JENSEN booth, this vision becomes reality.

See you soon in Frankfurt - bis bald! 

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