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Jenrail 2000 Automatic

Productivity on the rise with Jenrail - Remote feeding, preparation and invoicing

The laundry A&M Basse Meuse in Belgium uses the JENSEN Jenrail system for sorting the customer´s linen in the finishing area and for invoicing. In combination with a newly developed program, the system ensures that all linen for one customer in the Jenrail system is finished before starting with a new customer. The engineering requirements for this new program was defined in close cooperation with Marc Broers from A&M Basse Meuse. Thanks to Jenrail, 100% customer separation is guaranteed and invoices to the customer can be automatically created.


Astute system
The Jenrail remote feeding system incorporates four loading stations and four sorting lines for specifically defined types of linen. One of the loading stations is chosen to be the Master station. Its panel displays all information regarding the customer and the articles to be processed. Each time a batch of linen for a new customer arrives, the information is passed from the washroom section directly to the Viking separator, and further on to the Master station where the operator changes the name of the customer at all loading stations.

Perfect ergonomics
The design of the loading stations has been optimized with focus on optimum ergonomic working positions, where each loading station is positioned on an angle towards the supply conveyor. In this way the operators can see the linen arrive on the supply conveyor while feeding linen into the loading station, and they can pick up the linen with a minimum need for twisting and bending. Furthermore, the feeding clamps have been equipped with photocells and air cylinders, which automatically open and close the clamps when clipping the corner of the linen into the clamps, and automatically starts lifting the linen after feeding, reducing the physical stress for the operator to a minimum.

Getting it right for the customer
At A&M Basse Meuse, Jenrail tracks the position of each piece of linen for each customer. A mix of linen pieces, duvets and sheets in small and large versions, arrive in the finishing area and are then sorted on four rails.

"I want to know where each piece of linen is within the rail system, and I want the system to automatically finish the linen of customer A before the finishing of customer B starts" says Marc Broers.

JENSEN ArtiCon - Customer article controlling
Time is money, a true saying, but also good planning helps save money. A highly valued benefit of Jenrail is the newly developed JENSEN ArtiCon for total customer article controlling. The software has been designed to ensure 100% customer separation while at the same time keeping the number of program changes to a minimum, ensuring that the buffer lines are emptied in the optimum sequence with respect to the type of linen being processed at the moment compared to the type of linen hanging ready in the buffer lines. In this way the system can stay in the same feeding, ironing, and folding program for the longest possible time, reducing process time and energy consumption.

Within the batch of linen for customer B, the processing starts for the type of linen that was processed last in the batch of linen for customer A.

If for instance the A-batch finished with processing large sheets, also the large sheets within the B-Batch will be the first ones to be finished. This raises the productivity in the finishing line as the adjustments of the ironer speed can be reduced to a minimum - this saves on energy and time.

This system is widely known in TQM processes and lean manufacturing premises. It works perfectly for the laundry industry as well. At the same time, the program also takes into consideration how long the linen has been hanging in the buffer lines in order to ensure the optimum residual moisture content and thus the nicest possible finishing quality.
Even more time is saved for the administration department: the quantities by article are automatically transferred to the management system for immediate and accurate invoicing.

Double the buffer line capacity
Thanks to the unique JENSEN twin clamp system, the buffer line capacity per rail meter is double the size of those of other systems in the market. It ensures trouble free transportation through the switch tracks as one clamp carriage carries one piece of linen.

A&M Basse Meuse uses this system to ensure automatic sorting of sheets and duvet covers after washing, with total customer separation in mind. Therefore, the time consuming manual sorting of linen for each customer after feeding can be avoided. Furthermore, the linen is sorted automatically according to type and size on multiple stackers, and finally all information is sent to the invoicing system ensuring that the customer is invoiced the correct amount and type.

Adding a finishing, and competitive edge
"I am very satisfied with Jenrail, and I am convinced that it is the perfect system for any laundry that operates multiple finishing lines for large pieces" concludes Marc Broers.


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