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New Joint Venture “Gotli Labs AG”, by the JENSEN-GROUP and ABS Laundry Business Solutions

The JENSEN-GROUP and ABS join forces by forming a new company, Gotli Labs AG, with the aim of consolidating the data management in heavy-duty laundries.

Both companies have been offering similar applications for productivity management: JENSEN Cockpit provides real-time information to overview and track-and-trace the entire laundry process together with a wide range of production statistics, and the Production Information Management System (PIMS) by ABS helps to increase the efficiency of available resources by planning and measuring staff and equipment. PIMS is also built to record time and attendance data and export that to a payroll system. Gotli Labs AG integrates these two products into one solution for production management. Gotli Labs AG will operate independently from ABS Laundry Business Solutions and the JENSEN-GROUP.

JENSEN Cockpit and PIMS are now being merged into one new product: Globe – Gotli Labs’ Operational Business Expert. Globe offers data recording, production visualization as well as time recording and planning. Our objective is to consolidate the best of two worlds into a new system which can manage all resources in a laundry, like machinery, utilities, energy as well as staff.

Smart solutions and the internet of things are opening up great new perspectives for heavy-duty laundries. With the creation of Gotli Labs, a large dedicated organization with business experts, we confirm our focus on the development of innovative new solutions. Laundries already working with JENSEN Cockpit will also get a much more professional back-up with the dedicated new team at Gotli Labs AG.

“By creating solutions today, using tomorrow’s technologies, Gotli Labs AG will leverage the opportunities of the internet of things and offer a unique solution for heavy-duty laundries” says Anne de Boer, Managing Director of the newly created company, headquartered in Switzerland.

“The synergy of all functionalities known from JENSEN Cockpit and PIMS in one single system is unparalleled in our industry” confirms Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO of the JENSEN-GROUP and President of the Board of Gotli Labs AG.

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