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Texcare Asia 2011 - 1

JENSEN hits the mark at Texcare Asia 2011

Today was the first day for Texcare Asia 2011, the prime venue for the laundry, drycleaning and textile services industry in China and the Asia Pacific Region. Until Saturday evening, an expected 6000 visitors from around the world will be able to discover the latest technologies and innovations. Most of them seem to have rushed to the JENSEN booth, which was probably the busiest and most crowded one.

With our promised "sustainable laundry automation", we have set ourselves the task of offering our customers a comprehensive portfolio of machines and solutions so as to provide them with the support and assistance they need for a successful laundry operation. It is vital that we back up this statement with innovations that reflect our customers' needs, and that's exactly what we are doing this week at Texcare Asia 2011 in Beijing.

In view of the fiercely contested and highly competitive heavy duty laundry industry, laundry owners are under constant pressure to improve on their production strategies and to reduce on the consumption of the world's most precious assets such as water, energy, and manpower. We take this development into account with new machines and solution to help laundries reduce their operating costs, increase their ecological efficiency and safeguard the health of their employees. Our latest equipments and technologies that are being introduced to laundries in China and the Asia Pacific Region are prime examples of the need for constant innovations to meet the demands and needs of our customers.

In a nutshell

Handling, washing and finishing are the three core disciplines of any laundry. Our key technologies encompasses the entire laundry process, including the washroom itself, the logistics of moving linen and textiles, finishing with feeders, ironers and folders, as well as software technology to control the overall process. As one would expect from a one-stop-shop supplier, we are presenting our newest products to increase total laundry productivity for each department within the Laundry:

  • Futurail - automated laundry handling solutions for soiled and clean linen
  • Senking Universal P50-13 - the versatile continuous batch washer that reuses energy and water internally
  • A complete healthcare finishing line featuring the brand new Jenfeed Express, a Jenfold Classic S high speed combination folder and the high capacity large piece stacker Jenstack Max
  • Jenroll EXP 1200 ironer with the legendary flexible chest for extraordinary heat economy - the first JENSEN ironer that is manufactured in our new plant in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province
  • Butterfly Tematic Pro for the fully automatic folding and sorting in the flatwork sector


A long tradition and a new base

JENSEN-GROUP has been present through sales and service in China for more than 40 years, and JENSEN has become the leading brand name for laundry automation in the washroom and finishing section. Our expertise in automation is today supplemented by a clear focus on CleanTech solutions for laundries, reducing their consumption of scarce resources like water and energy. As of September 2011, we are operating a large manufacturing facility in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. The new plant will be our new base in China with a state-of-the-art, 91,493 ft2 (8,500 m2) manufacturing facilities complete with a sales and servicing center.

We are excited to tell our guests more about our activities in China and in the many other JENSEN locations around the globe. We are also looking forward to introduce the most modern equipment for laundries that are looking at increasing their productivity and ecological efficiency.

Kaj Andersen, Regional Business Director sums it all up: "Our machine systems are more than a match for future laundry requirements - a fact that is entirely in line with our promise to offer sustainable laundry automation. We are extremely pleased with the number of visitors and are confident that we have the right solution for every laundry requirement. It is fantastic to be here."

Texcare Asia 2011 lasts until Saturday, November 19. We will share more pictures from the show and the JENSEN booth with you next week.

Texcare Asia 2011 - 2
Texcare Asia 2011 - 3
Texcare Asia 2011 - 4
Texcare Asia 2011 - 5

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