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JENSEN-GROUP announces new exhibition “JENSEN Performance Days”

The global leader in laundry automation organizes a full week exhibition on the island of Mallorca to showcase its latest innovations and present new solutions for data management and material handling.

Message from Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO:

Being customer-oriented is the most important feature of the JENSEN DNA. In the past few years, a number of customers have asked us to organize an in-house exhibition. The time that is available at exhibitions is usually very short, and our customers also expressed the wish to have in-depth discussions with our technology experts.

We are fulfilling this request with the set-up of the very first and unique “JENSEN Performance Days”. The venue will take place on the island of Mallorca. By selecting such an exclusive location, we want to create an atmosphere that fosters a fresh and new way of discussing solutions that will shape the future of our industry.

During seven days, laundries from all over the world will be able to discover our newest solutions in a private setting, with plenty of time and opportunity for extensive discussions with experts from our global technology centers.

In the central show area, we will present the best-in-class equipment, material handling and data management solutions for laundries processing healthcare linen, hospitality linen, garments and mats. We will introduce new products and exhibit some of our well-proven machines. Adjacent to this extensive area is the conference section, where visitors can participate in a number of inspiring lectures and presentations held by external opinion leaders. We respect our own traditions and will round off each day with a JENSEN party.

As we will bundle all our resources to organize a fantastic event, we will skip our participation in Expo Detergo 2018. The JENSEN Performance Days will take place in the second quarter of 2018; more details about the dates and the program will be communicated soon.

Laundries working with JENSEN shall reach the highest labor efficiency and lowest carbon footprint: We look forward to discussing with our customers at the JENSEN Performance Days how to make their laundry fit for a successful future.

"We want to maximize the time that we spend with our customers, discussing solutions and the future of their business, and avoid the hectic pace from a public exhibition."

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