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Engineered in Europe, perfected in China – and admired at Texcare Asia

According to legend, there was no Chinese word for “folder″ when JENSEN sold its first folding machines to Chinese laundries many decades ago. Hence, they were just called “a Jensen″. True or not? We don’t know, but it is true that JENSEN is the top-of-mind supplier of heavy-duty laundry equipment in China. And the success story continues, as the company looks back at a highly successful Texcare Asia show in Shanghai. New perspectives for all sections in the laundry were displayed, and to top it all, the new brand ALPHA by JENSEN was launched at the Shanghai show.

Total processing security in washroom technology
JENSEN displayed a stand-alone washer extractor (JWE) and tumble dryer (JTD) for small to medium volumes. Both machines are high performers that are very thrifty on resources. Our range of stand-alone equipment is particularly popular in China and South-East Asia, where large on-premise-laundries are still very prevalent. Heavy-duty laundries looking at increasing the productivity in their washroom section were excited to see the Senking Universal M tunnel washer, combined with the water extraction press SEP and our dryer bestseller DTS 120. The Senking Universal is the world’s most popular and most versatile tunnel washer that reuses energy and water internally. Washing is done in standing baths in the pre-wash and main wash areas with the bath exchange process and rinsing is in counterflow. JENSEN was the first manufacturer in the world to develop this process and bring it to market.

The widest range of flatwork finishing systems
One of the highlights at the show was the new Jenfeed Express Plus - the world's fastest feeder using cornerless feeding technology. It increases the PPOH in the hospitality sector - high speed at high quality. Combined with the Jenfold Classic S and Jenstack Max, this system operates like a work horse and a race horse in one. Top-quality performance could also be seen in the Jenroll EXPS ironer, our space-saving miracle that achieves excellent finishing quality thanks to its unique flexible chest. Over time, a 50% higher capacity is recorded compared to a fixed chest ironer.

Manufactured in China, delivered to the world: Meet the new “ALPHA by JENSEN″
This year’s Texcare show was the ideal platform to launch the new product range labelled as “ALPHA by JENSEN″. The exclusive range of high quality machines add value to laundries around the world. One of the first towel folders branded with ALPHA, the new ALPHA T5, attracted broad interest as it may be used in the future by laundries that do not wish to invest in premium products under the JENSEN brand that are known for a wide variety of options and greatest flexibility. ALPHA products are value-engineered and meet the requirements of laundries that seek to increase their capacities with a series of machines that offer the same productivity and longevity as all JENSEN machines.

When Big Data become Smart Data
Globe – Gotli Labs’ Operational Business Expert offers data recording, production visualization as well as time recording and planning. Our new product Globe is the most complete production management information system in the market today: It is the first system that can manage all resources in a laundry, like machinery, utilities, energy as well as staff. Product experts from Gotli Labs and JENSEN China exchanged many ideas with interested customers.

Making a difference in China
In 2004, JENSEN expanded into China and opened a support office in Shanghai. Since then, JENSEN has become the top-of-mind supplier in mainland China. To cope with the growing demand for laundry technology in China, JENSEN opens a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the CleanTech Zone in Xuzhou, in 2011. The success story continues in 2016 by establishing a separate Business Region and the opening of the second factory. In 2017, the JENSEN factory in Xuzhou started exporting its state-of-the art machines to Europe and the Americas under the ALPHA brand.

Two days before the exhibition started, a delegation of Germany’s leading laundry association, DTV, visited our factory in Xuzhou. “We had not expected it to be anything different than a truly state-of-the art manufacturing plant″ says Daniel Dalkowski/DTV, “but what we saw exceeded our expectations.″

This is what Bert Debevere, Business Director for all JENSEN activities in China, aimed at: “We want to establish a best-in-class manufacturing system in Xuzhou, with the highest standards in total quality management″.

East meets West
Traditions are meant to be respected, also in China. JENSEN hosted a fantastic Cocktail Party for customers, business relations and staff from all continents. All guests enjoyed the wonderful food with specialities from all continents and put on their dancing shoes until very late. Dancing keeps you fit and happy, and JENSEN laundry equipment keeps laundries fit and productive.

“In a nutshell, that’s what the JENSEN-GROUP means when they claim to have “Your Performance in Mind″ says Martin Rauch, Executive Director Sales and Innovations. “We are extremely satisfied at the response and established a record number of visitors″.

The JENSEN-GROUP looks forward to following up on the meetings with our guests visting our booth, and to discussing with them how JENSEN can offer success and security for their laundry.

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