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Classic becomes Evergreen

Composed by JENSEN many years ago, remastered by our engineers and directed by successful heavy-duty laundries around the globe: Jenfold Classic is on top of the charts when it comes to performance and flexibility.


With a record sale of more than 10'000 folders and stackers, the Jenfold Classic range has become an evergreen for heavy-duty laundries all over the world. This machine performs the famous "Classic" half fold of all kinds of flatwork, ranging from high-capacity ironer lines for hospital linen to top-quality finishing of bed and table linen for high-end hotels and restaurants.

With the increasing sizes of hotel linen in mind, the newly developed Jenfold Classic SW has been designed to handle even bigger sizes of linen. By increasing the cross fold opening at the first cross fold by 200 mm/7,9", the Jenfold Classic SW is now able to crossfold flatwork with a dimension of up to 1030 mm/40,5". Flatwork with a total length of up to 4000 mm/157,5” can be processed. The Jenfold Classic SW is available in working width from 3000 to 3300 mm / 118” to 130”.”

This opens up new opportunities in the offerings from the laundry to the end-customers. Get in touch with us if you want to hear more about the evergreen from JENSEN's Finishing Technology Center.

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