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Amazing success at Open House in Japan

On November 12 and 13, our distributor Asahi Seisakusho organized an Open House in Yokohama to share the latest JENSEN technologies with our Japanese customers. We were overwhelmed by the number of visitors: more than 700 laundry managers from all over the country were interested in learning more about sustainable laundry automation made by JENSEN.


The Asahi Yokohama factory was a perfect location for this key event for Japan's heavy duty laundries. Masahiro Iida, President of Asahi, kicked off both days with a welcome speech. When highlighting the positive impact of automation and ecologically responsible machines on the productivity of the heavy duty laundry, our guests were all ears. As a member of the value chain of our industry, JENSEN is very committed to developing and manufacturing high-performing laundry equipment that minimizes energy and water consumption. This philosophy is translated into the CleanTech concept with the use of direct gas heating. Basically, this concept involves reducing energy and water consumption to meet the increasing environmental demands placed on laundry operators. We do this by eliminating steam from laundries and using, for example, JENSEN's water saving continuous batch washers, which reuse water in some washing and heating processes and gas-fired oil chest ironers. Both technologies could be experienced live.

After the theory session, the laundry managers were shown around the factory where they could have a closer look at the continuous batch washer SENKING CompactLine P50-6, MediLine P50-10, L-Tron WE 450 OPT-H and at the Jenroll EXPG 2x1200x3300 gas fired ironer. The CompactLine is a newly developed washing system with six chambers for batch weights of up to 50 kg of dry washing, offering a high level of flexibility with extremely low consumption thanks to complete chamber separation in the entire machine. The MediLine was presented as a solution for the increasing hygienic requirements for hospital linen. The exhibited machine was sold to the one of the biggest hospital linen suppliers in Japan during the open house. The L-Tron W/E 450 was demonstrated for the application of dust control mats.

The day was rounded off by an informal get together: all key players within the Japanese laundry industry appreciated the opportunity to mingle with their peers and with the JENSEN management team from Europe. It was a perfect platform to exchange ideas on how to design the future of sustainable laundry automation in Japan. Also the experts from JENSEN's technology centers very much enjoyed the discussions with our customers in Japan.

"Asahi has been doing an excellent job to create awareness for the JENSEN-GROUP and our technologies. I am very satisfied with the progress made so far, and we all look forward to developing the Japanese market together" says Bill Goto, JENSEN's representative in Japan.

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