Public company with Limited Liability (NV - SA)
Listed Company at the stock exchange Euronext Belgium
Corporate Number (KBO/BCE): 0440.449.284
Registry of Companies (RPR): Commercial Court of Gent

Registered office and administrative office:
Bijenstraat 6
9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem, Belgium
T: +32 (0)9 333 83 30
F: +32 (0)9 333 83 39

Investor Relations Contact:

Scarlet Janssens, investor@jensen-group.com

Profile of the Group

The JENSEN-GROUP is one of the major suppliers to the heavy-duty laundry industry. The Group markets its products and services under the JENSEN brand and is the leading supplier to the heavy-duty market. The product range varies from transportation and handling systems, tunnel washers, separators, feeders, ironers and folders to complete project management for fully-equipped and professionally managed industrial laundries. The JENSEN-GROUP has operations in 21 countries, serves customers in more than 40 countries and employs some 1.220 employees worldwide.

Mission statement

It is the aim of the JENSEN-GROUP to offer the best solutions to our customers worldwide in the heavy-duty laundry industry. We work for and with our customers to provide preferred laundry processing solutions by supplying sustain¬able single machines, systems and integrated solutions. We will continuously grow our people and our efficiency so that we can offer environmental friendly innovative products and services. By combining our global skills and offering local presence to our customers, we will be able to create profitable growth and responsible industry leadership.


The JENSEN-GROUP has a manufacturing platform of 5 factories in 5 countries (3 continents). Each manufacturing site focuses on a specific technology for the heavy-duty laundry industry.


The JENSEN-GROUP sells its products and services under the JENSEN brand through wholly-owned sales and service centers and through independent distributors worldwide.

Competitive advantage

Our market coverage, our extensive know-how, our turnkey project expertise and our range of heavy-duty machines and systems are unique for the heavy-duty laundry industry.


The JENSEN-GROUP realizes its revenue geographically as follows:
Europe: 58%
North America: 22%
Other: 20%