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The L-Tron washer extractor with new Load Assist

Looking back at a successful Clean Show

The JENSEN booth was larger than in 2011 and provided more room for our customers to experience our many exhibits, to discuss the latest developments in automation with our product experts, and last but not least, to enjoy the hospitality that JENSEN has become famous for. The JENSEN booth was very well attended and our visitors were presented with a number of unique, patented products and features that support JENSEN’s position as a leading innovator in our industry.

Products on display included a 450LBS L-Tron washer extractor with Load Assist, an essential feature for the sling loading of open pocket washer extractors or the new Senking 220 LBS XL tunnel washer with batch exchange rinsing and QuickSoak features which increase capacity and can lower water consumption to 0.25 gal/lb or 2 l/kg (recorded in a healthcare facility). 

The Viking 2000 sheet separator is the fastest in the industry and it needs to be to keep up with the two JENSEN large piece feeders that were on display; the Jenfeed Express Feeder, a high speed corner-less feeder and the Jenfeed Logic Plus, a high speed, premium quality, versatile feeder for sheets and table linen. 

Many other new products were on display including a Futurail loop with new stainless steel rail, Jenfold Rapid, a high speed, small piece folder, Jenfold Tematic Pro, a high quality, small piece folder with sorting capability and the Jenfold Butterfly Fox, a premium quality, all-purpose garment folder.

The JENSEN cocktail party was held over two nights at Generation’s Hall where we enjoyed the unique New Orleans atmosphere with our customers.

"We are pleased to report a successful Clean Show 2013, although the new three day format did mean less time with our customers" says Simon Nield, President of JENSEN USA. "We succeeded in getting the maximum out of it, and already look forward to meeting with our customers again at Clean Show 2015 in Atlanta, and until then, at any time at our premises here in Florida".

The Jenfold Tematic Pro small piece folder
Senking Universal XL with Futurail Loop
Jenfold Butterfly Fox MF
Full house at the JENSEN booth
Lots of fun at the JENSEN Cocktail Party

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