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Water Extraction Press ExQ

Always the right choice for best water extraction performance. The new ExQ is the next evolutionary step in JENSEN´s extraction technology. The new hydraulic and automation concept offers highest performance and best maintainability.

Best extraction performance and high productivity

  • New state-of-the-art hydraulics boost the pressure above 40 bar / 580 psi
  • Higher productivity by faster process steps
  • Lower residual moisture thanks to longer high-pressure time 

Best maintainability

The modern design guarantees best accessibility and high maintainability

The new 2K press cushion with its two components adapts perfectly to the extracted linen and extends the lifetime of the press cushion.

Automatic level monitoring of the press cushion with AutoRefill-function.

Easy and safe operation

The new JENSEN Operating System (JOS) guarantees a higher usability thanks to the new HMI with a unified look and feel through all JENSEN-technologies. It also offers full process traceability and higher safety and security standards.

Multi touch gestures and visu swapping on the HMI feature a higher ease of use for the operator.

JOS is the new state-of-the-art control with aligned software and hardware architecture - ready for Industry 4.0.

Double monitoring of the loading process into the basket by photocell and patented strain gauge.

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