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JENSEN Tunnel Washer UniQ

The new Washroom Experience combines proven premium technology with new innovative features and guarantees best performance and short ROIs.

Thanks to the open drum design, the transfer times are 10% faster than in any other tunnel washer.

Highest Productivity and Process Flexibility

FlexWash and FlexRinse Technology guarantee full batch integrity in the entire machine, thus complete batch separation and full process flexibility.

The open Archimedian drum design without transfer scoops guarantees fast and safe batch transfers.

Thanks to the customizable design, the UniQ can be configured for almost all laundry applications.

Best washing performance

EcoTune guarantees a precise control of bath levels for superior wash results in combination with the programmable swivel angle of the drum up to 285° for individual wash mechanics.


The new UVClean system prevents bacterial growth in double drum sections automatically and without any chemical supply.

Successful field tests confirm that bacterial growth was prevented on the inner and outer drum. What's more - existing biofilms were removed.

UVClean is also available as retrofit.

Highest efficiency and sustainability

Lowest water consumption thanks to a patented rinse process for quickest dilution and an outstanding water recovery concept. Water consumption of only 1.6 l/kg or 0.19 gal./lbs confirmed for the BlueEdition version.

External EcoTanks provide additional buffer volume for a higher water recovery and guarantee lowest utility consumption even when processing batches with different colors one after the other.

High-efficient steam jet nozzles ensure a fast heating and an even thermal distribution in the linen.

Easy and safe operation

The new JENSEN Operating System (JOS) guarantees a higher usability thanks to the new HMI with a unified look and feel through all JENSEN-technologies. It also offers full process traceability and higher safety and security standards.

Multi touch gestures and visu swapping on the HMI feature a higher ease of use for the operator.

JOS is the new state-of-the-art control with aligned software and hardware architecture - ready for Industry 4.0.

The new ErgoVision video monitoring of the loading and unloading process ensures a higher operational safety.

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