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New KliQ Feeder

New simplified feeder for the healthcare and hospitality sector


High and uniform finishing quality

A transfer beam with a mechanical holding bar replaces the vacuum section. In the receiving position, the holding bar is open while the linen is held between the transfer beam and a fixation tube. During the transfer, the holding bar is closed. 

Proven features improved for higher productivity

Based on the clamp design of the successful Logic 2000 feeder, the new spreading clamp is a masterpiece of operator convenience.

The new designed superquick vacuum box gets the trailing edge of the linen faster into the vacuum box, shortening the cycle time.

The mechanical holding bar of the KliQ feeder ensures a high and uniform feeding quality and reduces the maintenance requirements over time as it works without vacuum suction.

More space for other machines and services

This simple and space-saving solution features a standard conveyor with a Concorde-shaped nose for direct feeding, eliminating the need for an inlet table on the ironer.

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