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New Katana folder

Compact solution with four inline stackers with a fast ROI


Space-saving solution

The new Katana with its inline stackers requires much less space than a traditional folder with multiple stackers positioned on the side.


Produce 350 sheets more per day on your existing ironer line for free

Its full and easy access to the crossfold section allows to reduce the time spent to unjam the crossfold section (calculation based on 1000 sheets/hour in two shifts)

Fantastic folding quality

Each crossfold conveyor has its own inverter controlled motor with direct drive technology. This enables an individual adjustment of the folding and stacking parameters.

All crossfold stations are equipped with reversing conveyors and knife*, ensuring optimum control of the folding position and a great finish of light and heavy material.

* We call it a knife, the Japanese call it a «Katana».

Quick and easy servicing

Easy access behind hinged safety doors and conveyors.

Reduced complexity: The new Katana is a very simple machine that uses common types of photo cells and same type of drive motors for the cross fold conveyors and stackers. Changing the parts, is a child’s play.

Save 50% on compressed air consumption

The multiblade technology in both lateral and crossfold section replaces the airblow. As an extra bonus, the working environment is much more silent.

Save labor on manual sorting behind the flatwork stackers

Laundries can install up to five stackers underneath the folder to sort all existing sizes of large pieces. As an extra bonus, the working environment is much more silent.

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