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Jenscan Plus

The most advanced linen inspection and quality control scanning system for flat and double sided linen in one to six lanes

Automated quality control

All pieces are checked before delivery without human intervention, and the system is also capable of masking designs or borders.

The Jenscan Plus controls the quality on both sides, which is a plus when processing duvets and pillow cases.

Using advanced algorithms, Jenscan Plus finds creases and folds and classifies the objects on the linen. Even faint concrete stains can be detected!

Greater accountability

  • The laundry gets an overview of the amount of linen with defects, the type of defects, and the efficiency of the cleaning.
  • Images of damaged pieces can be sent to the end customer in PDF. 

More turns for the linen

Pieces with small holes can be detected and repaired before the damage gets too big.

Pieces not meeting 5-star quality can be offered at a lower price instead of being scrapped.

Payback within less than two years!

High productivity

  • Speed up to 80 m (262 ft) per minute
  • Up to 6 lane operation
  • High imaging resolution: 1
    (.00155 sq.inch)

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